When you feel sadness or pain

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 in Articles - Counselling

How do you deal with your sadness or pain, or feeling upset? People often say that time will solve the problems. Sharp feelings may fade away, but if you just put a lid on to that, the feeling is like “Jack in the box”. It jumps out if there is any trigger, or it feels like just holding on so not to burst.

Our society treats crying and anger as if it is bad behaviour. But it is Ok to express them in a respectful way. These are the emotions that we have naturally, and are the same as the other emotions. However, it is true that we need to consider how to express them.

We should not push them into the box, but it is helpful, and wise, to talk to someone or find the way of express your emotions. It makes you face yourself. You might be avoiding to faces it and it might be painful to start with but it helps to sort out difficult emotions.

Have you told your family or a friend about your deep feelings? Unfortunately sometimes their words disappoint you, or even you may be hurt by their words. Why does this happen?

People around us give some advice from their kind heart. But what we need when we are in pain is someone that listens, and listens with empathy. We need to feel that we are being heard and understood. Do you have anyone who is a good listener for you? Are you a good listener for your family and friends?