What is Sandplay Therapy (Quotes)

Posted on Mar 13, 2013 in Sandplay

Dora M. Kalff (developed sandplay therapy in Switzerland in the 1950s )

The client is given the possibility, by means of figures and the arrangement of the sand in the area bounded by the sandbox, to set up a world corresponding to his or her inner state. In this manner, through free, creative play, unconscious processes are made visible in a three-dimensional form and a pictorial world comparable to the dream experience.

Lauren Cunningham (founding member of Sandplay Therapists of America)

Margaret Lowenfeld, a pioneering child psychoanalyst during the 30’s, was the first therapist to put sand into trays with water and figures nearby in her consulting room. She graciously attributed the invention of what she later called the “World Technique” to the children themselves who naturally brought these materials together in play therapy.

Sandplay may open the person to re-experience pre-verbal and non-verbal states. Children understand (recognize) language before they can speak (recall) language. An adult may have forgotten or never learned words for some inner experience. Yet they may recognize a figure intuitively without being able to recall why or what it is. That’s why sandplay therapists sometimes say, “Let the figure pick you!”