Today’s phrase February & March 2014

Posted on Apr 7, 2014 in Today's phrase

24th March

“Wise people travel to discover themselves”. By James Russell Lowell


“My father calls me lazy, wild and stupid. Is he right? I don’t think I’m like that.”

“Tell me, if your father said you were millionaire, would you believe him?”

“No, I know I have only 17 dollars in the bank, and that’s no millionaire. Oh, I see. Just he says I’m so terrible doesn’t mean I am.”

“Just as you know how much money you have, you also know the kind of person you are.”   By H. Ginott


3rd March

Being different should not be a problem in marriage. In fact, it should be a benefit. Differences do not create intruder problems. Immaturity does. By Dr H Cloud, Dr J Townsend


Marital Seasons

The value of identifying the present season of your marriage is that it will help you become conscious of the present quality of your marriage and aware of the attitudes, emotions, and actions the characterize your relationship.

… Knowing the season of your marriage will allow you to take positive step to maintain the joy of spring and summer and correct the negative behaviours that lead to fall and winter. By Gary Chapman “The Four Seasons of Marriage”


19th Feb

As parents, we are repeatedly stressed, tested, and pushed to our physical and emotional limits. The stress feels like it comes from our busy schedules or our out-of-sorts children.

But…surprise! Even on days when our children are fine, we can get cranky. That’s because a big part of the battle is inside ourselves. Our children trigger doubts, fears, and upsets we have been sitting on since before they were born. We push through those feelings to parent the best we can.

If we have support, we can gain some wisdom. We can grow stronger. We can get out from under our knee-jerk reactions. We may even develop compassion for ourselves as we work hard to do our best. Hand in hand parenting 19th Feb 2014