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“When I said I was pregnant, everyone said that I’m going to have baby. No one told me that I’m going to have a teenager”


This is what I heard on the radio many years ago. She was experiencing a difficult time with her teenage child. The words stuck in my mind.

Generally when a child became a teenager they challenge the parents. That is a part of growing up.

But the relationship could have extra distance if the parent/s and child don’t have good communication. How has your family communicated with each other in the past 10+ years? Has the communication been open and honest? Are parents sending the message that it is ok to speak honestly about thoughts and feelings?

It starts from birth.


Parenting Consultation

“You are doing well,

and you can learn to do it better”

You might have many questions about your child’s behaviour or parenting. Most of the time information from books or advice from family and friends is helpful…


… but do you sometimes have the experience that you get rather confused with what you read? Your child seems to be different from what it says in the book or there are simply too many different ideas from different books…

Or do you hesitate to ask certain questions or share your concerns with friends or family? Maybe you are afraid of being judged, or worried that other people may talk about you.     This is a safe place to address your concerns or questions about your child. We discuss your unique case and together we search the answer for you and your child.

Take One Step to Feel Confident in Your Parenting

 Every child has struggles. Every child challenges his/her parents. And every parent has many, many “What do I do with this child?” moments.

 You don’t have to be alone with the challenges of parenting.

Private Consultation

Send me an email about your concern & preferred day for meeting (Skype meetings are also available)

Learn with a small group

Topics covered in by groups:

  • Tantrums!
  • Understand why your child cries
  • How to talk, how to listen
  • Boundaries

If you have a few friends who would like to meet together we can arrange a date & time that suits. Groups can be arranged on topics you choose.



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