There are many different type of Mindfulness Meditations.

I follow

 “Mindfulness-Based Stress Rduction” (MBSR)


Reasons are;

  • Even though it is based on some core principles of Buddhism, that it’s taught in a secular context

  • There was scientific proof of its effectiveness

Physical and health benefits of Meditation

Mental and productivity benefits of Meditation


Our life is so busy, no time for non-doing, “we became Human doing not human being (Jon Kabat-Zinn)”

Learn about MBSR: Link



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 Our mind tend to be in the past or futuer, worrying or thinking.

Why focus on breathing? Because breath is the action we do on each moment/present.

Bring Oxygen into our body probably very beneficial for each organs.

Make time and choose to focus on present is much more than just breathing.
We are learning acceptance, empowering self, letting go of the matter whaich occupying your mind.


“Be Still” Mindfulness Meditation Meeting: Flyer “Be still

 What attendee say:

As a result of attending Makiko’s mindfulness classes, I have found it easier to still my mind when things get too busy during the day or things are going wrong.  The busyness doesn’t stop but I feel more peaceful inside.  I have had more patience with my students (and family) during the day. I enjoy the chance to get together, once a week, with people interested in being peaceful and still.  There is only as much interaction with other participants as I want and the time is not only instructional but also practical where I get the opportunity to receive guidance and then be still, quite and mindful.  The benefits from the exercises that include gentle breathing as well as focusing my thoughts during the time allocated is hard to put into words, though I know I sleep so much better when I go home!  Thank you Makiko, this is changing my life from the inside out.

Michelle (Teacher’s Aide)

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