Family Therapy for Immigrants and Second Generation Immigrants

Posted on Jan 15, 2013 in Articles - Counselling

Are you feeling “Caught” between Cultures?

For immigrant parents

  • Do you feel that your children don’t want to adhere to your cultural traditions and customs? Is this the source of much disappointment and stress?
  • Do you feel inadequate or out of control as a parent?

For second generation immigrants

  • Do you feel that your parents don’t understand your effort to integrate the new culture?
  • Do you feel that when you arrived in the new country, your parents didn’t recognise your feelings and give you support you needed to feal with being between two cultures?

Most parents expect that their children will follow the custom in their culture of origin. However once school starts, these children will be influenced by the new culture. The new culture often creates conflict and misunderstanding in the family.

The unexpected situation is not easy to resolve for the family. It is often difficult for parents to change and adapt to the new culture.

Your family does not have to live in such a situation. It is helpful to talk with a counsellor where each person is given a opportunity to share their feelings. Then individuals have time with counsellor to look into their situation in the past and present to find more peaceful mind.

If you can’t get other family members to come to see me together you still get great benefit for yourself.