Grieving over miscarriage or stillbirth

I provide counselling for both

English and Japanese speaking clients


Unfortunately, society often does not generally recognise

miscarriage and stillbirth as the death of a child.

If the child had lived a few days, then people

would feel “death” and could relate to your grief.

The difference is that people can’t connect with the child,

in the way you have connected to the baby because

you carried the life inside you.

Your husband supported you throughout pregnancy

and has his own connection. He too may be grieving.

You may be bewildered by the intensity of your feelings.

No one grieves in the same way.

I remember that

I thought no one understood me when I lost my son in stillbirth.

Now I’m looking back at that time.

It could have been different if I had someone

to share the experience and emotions with.






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